Evil Comes In All Shapes and Sizes

Angela reappears in the life of her college friend, Philip, with her biological clock ticking. Although Philip is sterile, his partner Jonathan is not and in time is persuaded to fulfill the couple’s dream of having a child by partnering with Angela. From the moment the co-parenting agreement is signed, Angela leads the fathers-to-be on a relentless, excruciatingly tense journey toward tragedy and the reveal of the startling and unforeseen one last lie.

Who Do You Trust in a World of Liars?

From her deathbed, Jack’s sister asks him to keep a DVD she’s made for her 9-year old daughter, Jenna, and not give it to her until she turns 18. “She must be the only one to see it,” his sister appeals. But this is not to be as the people Jack trusts the most betray him and unravel his idyllic existence. But through the deceit, cons, and untimely deaths, Jack is determined to find what truly lies in the shadow of stone.

Rob Kaufman
Pure Suspense. Emotionally Intense.
A Master of the Psychological Thriller.

Rob Kaufman

As a child, Rob was always fascinated by the stories recited by those around him and the words used to tell them. As he got older, his need to tell his own stories grew, as did his ability to share them in exciting and captivating ways.

However, he wanted to share more than just stories. His primary desire was to create characters with whom people could relate, while at the same time bringing them through a journey from which most would crumble.

His degree in Psychology was the first step toward getting beneath the surface of the people in his life. What followed was a lifelong search for what makes people tick – what forces them to become evil when deep down in their heart of hearts, they are yearning for love. Rob’s characters walk this search with him, deep into the human psyche, creating psychological thrillers from every day events.

Rob’s first book “In the Shadow of Stone” continues to receive great praise and is selling well in both electronic and paperback formats. His current book, “One Last Lie” is much darker than his first, with characters who hold bits and pieces of strangers he’s known, friends he’s had and lunatics he’s only read about.

“This book hits home for me,” says Rob, who has been with his partner for 25 years. “There were a few pages that made me laugh out loud as I wrote them... and many that made me cry. And the great thing is, I’m finding that many readers of this book are experiencing the same emotions.”

Through social and other media, Rob hopes to get “One Last Lie” into the hands of millions, so that they, too, can experience the ups, downs, twists, turns and final tragedy that has helped make this book a Five-Star contender.

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She’s demonic and evil, a wicked she-devil you’ll love to hate in this riveting psychological thriller that reviewers say is “gripping”, “heart wrenching” and “holding my breath suspenseful”.


What would you do if you discovered that the people you trust the most are liars? That’s what Jack Fontaine confronts in this gripping novel described as “amazingly suspenseful and romantic with something unexpected at every turn”.


"One Last Lie sets a new standard for psychological suspense by turning a woman's most basic desires into a vehicle for villainous scheming and deceit.  Rob Kaufman's cutting-edge tale is reminiscent of Sandra Brown at her best, a suburban shocker on par with Lisa Gardner and Harlan Coben. Tugging relentlessly on our emotions, One Last Lie goes for the gut as well as the heart and hits both with a sharpshooter's aim."

Publishers Weekly

“This cautionary tale of trust and manipulation is compact and focused… readers who feel the urge to shout warnings when they sense the juggernaut of heartache on the horizon should be advised that the characters will not be able to hear those warnings."

Amazon Breakthrough Novel Award 2014

"Clean writing, well-drawn characters and vivid descriptions…”

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APRIL 29, 2015
Women Entrepreneur Blog Radio Interview:
"Fitting into YOUR genre"


JUNE 13, 2015
"Pride in the Park" - Fairfield County LGBT Pride Event    

Signed Copies of "One Last Lie" & "In the Shadow of Stone"  Mathews Park - 295 West Avenue - Norwalk, CT
12PM - 6 PM


JUNE 20, 2015
Elm Street Bookstore in New Canaan, CT - Book Signing

"One Last Lie" Book Signing Event
25 Elm Street - New Canaan, CT
12:30 - 2:30 PM